Novel #2!

Hello, friends!

I love to write. Using words to paint pictures of feeling, beauty, living – that is a worthy pursuit.

I have another story I want to write, but I need your help making this world – the characters, their fears, their desires – a tangible reality.

If you have the ability to give a donation to my next book’s publishing fund ($5, $20, $50… whatever you can give!), please visit the link below and check out my campaign! Anything will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you ❤


As you know, I published my first novel at age 16. Shaken and its characters are a part of me; it’s a symbol of my dreams, aspirations, growth…


Anyway, the book is $1.23 on right now. $7.99 in e-book form. And I would really appreciate if you’d buy it because I’d love to share that part of myself with you.

So click on this link:

1. Buy the book

2. Get one as a New Years present

3. Get one for yourself

4. Enjoy 🙂

5. Don’t be upset when you get to the end. 😉



Psst! Here’s a sneak preview:

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