Novel #2!

Hello, friends!

I love to write. Using words to paint pictures of feeling, beauty, living – that is a worthy pursuit.

I have another story I want to write, but I need your help making this world – the characters, their fears, their desires – a tangible reality.

If you have the ability to give a donation to my next book’s publishing fund ($5, $20, $50… whatever you can give!), please visit the link below and check out my campaign! Anything will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you ❤


As you know, I published my first novel at age 16. Shaken and its characters are a part of me; it’s a symbol of my dreams, aspirations, growth…


Anyway, the book is $1.23 on right now. $7.99 in e-book form. And I would really appreciate if you’d buy it because I’d love to share that part of myself with you.

So click on this link:

1. Buy the book

2. Get one as a New Years present

3. Get one for yourself

4. Enjoy 🙂

5. Don’t be upset when you get to the end. 😉



Psst! Here’s a sneak preview:

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I Have a Love Poem for You

Sometimes I watch you all,

and I am filled with love –

His love.

He lends it to me, graciously,

and without the full burden of grief over our sin,

(but enough for a taste of it).

I see you,

an old, long-haired man with a scraggly beard and likewise clothes,

and I love you.

I love that you’re sitting there staring aimlessly into the coffee-tinted Starbucks atmosphere, doing absolutely nothing.

I love that, and for it, I wish you to be welcomed into the paradise

promised by my King.

I see you,

a cute inter-ethnic couple, aged 45 or 50, cuddling in the corner

of a small-town Chinese shop,

on worn, tacky green stools,

laughing about something that would mean nothing to someone else.

But it means everything because you are in love, you are in respect.

And for that, I love you, and I want nothing more

than to sit down and share the gospel with you for hours on end…

not because I’m right or I’m wrong,

but because I have nothing greater to offer you,

and you deserve my Greatest.

And I want to hear your words, your thoughts,

your hurts, your pains, your smiles, your joys, your confusions, your convictions…

because I love you.

And you who fight with me,

sometimes I love you and my heart breaks,

because someone told you wrong about my King and who He is and what He stands for.

Because someone told you wrong or acted wrong or believed wrong,

you’ve assumed wrong, and you hate us. But more painfully, you hate Him.

And for no other reason than to just show you the beauty of the Truth – 

not legalism, not judgment, not moralism and not anything standard-based –

I wish to sit with you and explain

why I smile today,

why I’ll smile tomorrow,

and why my deepest losses can be so overwhelmingly

out-weighted by my

Special Love.

And even if you curse me and reject my sentiments, His truths,

I will still love you.

Not to win you over to any side,

but because you are a marvelous creation, example, perfection,

picture of everything

that is He,

and the reasons that

I can love you.