Novel #2!

Hello, friends!

I love to write. Using words to paint pictures of feeling, beauty, living – that is a worthy pursuit.

I have another story I want to write, but I need your help making this world – the characters, their fears, their desires – a tangible reality.

If you have the ability to give a donation to my next book’s publishing fund ($5, $20, $50… whatever you can give!), please visit the link below and check out my campaign! Anything will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you ❤


When I was 16, I self-published my first Christian fiction novel: Shaken. Joking around, I like to call it “my baby” because of the many months of hard labor that preceded its birth.


The story follows Angela Rose Davis, a church girl” whose reputation is marred when she loses her virginity and conceives her first child on the night of her sixteenth birthday. Her boyfriend, Raheem Rodriguez, seems to mean well – until he disappears after baby Kendra’s birth. Four years later, he reappears with claims of reformation. Can Angela trust him again? Is forgiveness even possible for someone like him? Take this journey with Angela as she tackles her shaken faith, her bitter soul, and even the vengeful demons of Raheem’s past…

Shaken is available in paperback and e-book form through Barnes and Noble,, and!!