To Imitate



Imitators of Christ: His actions, His ways, His thoughts.

And I forgot that for far too long today, because I became very easily discouraged this morning.

It took one word – well, technically two – and one glance at an event invitation on facebook.

Suddenly, I was flooded with doubt. Insecurity. Lack. Need. Sadness. Despair.

“I am not original.” “Nothing about my plan is unique.” “It has been done already.” “Where will I find money?” “Can I even do this?” “I feel so lonely in this.”

Ah, but had I remembered to imitate Christ,

at the first drop of the self-disparagement; at the first flood of negative light,

I would have looked to my Savior and remembered who He is.

He prayed in full faith. He did not immediately take up arms, as I did, and seek a boxing match with His Father.

Man of sorrows as He was, He did not baptize himself in self-pity when confronted with the enormity of His task on earth. He did not doubt that the Father would aid Him, be His companion, encourage whenever His face was sought.

He spoke the truth. He spoke the Word over Himself.

He withdrew, He prayed confidently,

and then He continued walking.

Thankfully, I remembered this soon enough. He brought it to my memory.

So now, I go forward to follow Him,

and to imitate

His faith.


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