Why is Everyone Jumping?


I’m a writer. I really like metaphors. I especially love the way God uses metaphors to explain things He wants us to learn.

That being said, some metaphors tend to rub me the wrong way. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them, just that I feel they are skewed in relation to my current perspective of my own life. For example, let’s look at faith.

Most images related to faith have to do with jumping off of things or over things. Here, we see a cute little cartoon depicting a classic iteration of this metaphor: the diving board. This little girl is presumably terrified to jump off this high dive. Which is completely fair––I’d be terrified of jumping from above the clouds, too.

Metaphor #1: The Diving Board “How did I get up here?”

This image makes sense. Faith is scary and takes a big step. But then we start to stretch the idea. To be honest, I don’t…

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